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Training organizations collaborate with Amazon Technical Academy to teach its curriculum to individuals outside of Amazon. Working with Amazon Technical Academy, training providers are able to expand their course offerings and reach new potential clients.

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For those interested in getting training from one of Amazon Technical Academy’s training providers

Individuals who complete authorized provider programs can apply for a full-time entry-level Software Development Engineer (SDE) role at Amazon, just like graduates from four-year computer science Bachelor’s degree programs. Graduates from these programs may also explore roles at other technology companies.

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Meet our training providers
A rigorous 9-month online backend web development course.
The nation’s oldest non-profit bootcamp – reducing barriers to tech careers since 2012.
Frequently asked questions
What does Amazon expect from its authorized training providers?
Amazon expects training partner organizations to produce and launch a backend Java development program based on the curriculum developed for Amazon Technical Academy. The core of this curriculum is the Amazon-defined knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to succeed as an Amazon Software Development Engineer (SDE).
What criteria does Amazon Technical Academy use to select its training providers?
We seek to work with educational institutions and training organizations nationwide that have proven their ability to reach underrepresented populations. Amazon Technical Academy prioritizes training providers who demonstrate:
  • proven learning outcomes
  • proven success in training and placing students from underrepresented populations
  • strong support for diverse participants
  • financial value to students
  • high employability
  • quality instructional delivery
  • highly qualified instructors
  • high student satisfaction
  • ability to scale to meet Amazon’s hiring demand
  • ability to meet Amazon’s quality bar on an ongoing basis
What kind of support does Amazon Technical Academy give its authorized training providers?
Amazon provides authorized training providers with access to the full Amazon Technical Academy curriculum and works with them to develop and operate their program. Amazon will also ensure that graduates of authorized ATA programs meet the eligibility requirements to apply for Amazon Software Development Engineer L4 (SDE-I) roles.
What’s the difference between Amazon’s employee Amazon Technical Academy program and those offered through authorized training providers?
Amazon Technical Academy is an internal upskilling program for current, regular full-time (class F) or regular reduced-time (class R) employees of any job level who meet our basic eligibility requirements, complete our admissions process, and are admitted to the program. ATA’s admissions process is selective, and admission to ATA is not guaranteed to all applicants who are eligible to apply. Employees selected for the Amazon Technical Academy program receive free tuition and are paid an hourly wage while they learn. Find out more about eligibility requirements for current Amazon employees.

Amazon Technical Academy has also partnered with authorized training providers to deliver Amazon Technical Academy’s curriculum to participants outside of Amazon. If you are an Amazon employee and are not admitted into the internal Amazon Technical Academy program, or if you do not meet the basic eligibility requirements to apply, you have the option of applying directly for the partner programs: Bloom Institute of Technology (formerly Lambda School) and Nashville Software School.
  • Authorized training providers maintain their own eligibility requirements and admissions processes. They may accept Amazon employees who are not admitted into the internal Amazon Technical Academy program.
  • Participants pay tuition and are not compensated by Amazon for participating in the training program.
  • Partners maintain their own class delivery platforms.
How does Amazon work with students who graduate from external programs?
External Amazon Technical Academy graduates can apply for SDE-I roles with Amazon. Those who apply for full-time entry-level SDE roles will undergo the same hiring and evaluation process as graduates from four-year computer science Bachelor’s degree programs. Participants in these provider programs are not guaranteed an interview or job at Amazon.
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Interested in being an ATA authorized training provider?
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If you are interested in applying to the internal ATA program, we encourage you to visit our Explore page to learn more about ATA (