About Amazon Technical Academy

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Amazon Technical Academy trains Amazon employees in the skills, habits, and mindset they need to transition into Software Development Engineer (SDE) roles at Amazon. Admission to Amazon Technical Academy is competitive and is not guaranteed, but the program is free for employees and requires no previous technical qualifications or training.

Amazon Technical Academy launched in Amazon’s Seattle headquarters in 2017 to help provide employees new career opportunities. The courses were developed by experienced Amazon engineers and are taught by technical Amazon employees.

Graduates of Amazon Technical Academy include former operations associates, program managers, executive assistants, support techs, financial analysts, and more. More than 90% of graduates have been placed into Amazon SDE roles, and their salary and compensation packages have increased an average 93%.

Am I eligible?

Amazon Technical Academy accepts applications from regular full-time or reduced-time Amazon employees in good performance standing who have at least 12 months of blue badge tenure by the time classes start. Applicants must have a GED or high school diploma. All applicants must have valid unrestricted work authorization throughout the entire 9-month training. Amazon employees interested in Amazon Technical Academy can find more information here.

Please note: Amazon does not provide any immigration support or sponsorship for the participation in this training program. All applicants must have valid unrestricted work authorization throughout the entire 9-month training. Current Amazon visa sponsored employees and employees in F-1 visa status are not eligible to participate.

Not eligible for ATA? Take a look at other free Amazon employee upskilling and training opportunities. Note that ATA isn’t affiliated with other upskilling programs at Amazon and cannot provide additional information. If you have questions about other upskilling opportunities, please contact those programs directly.

Not an Amazon employee?

In 2021, we collaborated with three authorized training providers to deliver Amazon Technical Academy’s curriculum to participants outside of Amazon.

Authorized training providers charge tuition and have their own eligibility requirements, application processes, and class schedules. See training providers for more information.

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