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Note: Information about the internal Amazon Technical Academy program’s next application cycle is not available. Prospective applicants are advised to check back for announcements about future cohorts.

Amazon employees can learn about eligibility requirements, the application process, and more.
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Amazon Technical Academy (ATA) was what I expected and more. I love that ATA doesn’t just teach you the technical skills, but how to learn, troubleshoot, and deal with ambiguity. It’s encouraging to know that Amazon is investing in their employees and supporting their personal growth.
Jasmine, ATA grad and current Amazon Software Development Engineer
Frequently asked questions
Learn about Amazon Technical Academy requirements and processes.
What is Amazon Technical Academy?
Amazon Technical Academy is a virtual, full-time, tuition-free training program designed to prepare Amazonians with the skills needed to become Amazon Software Development Engineers (SDE) in as little as nine months.
What are the eligibility requirements for Amazon employees interested in Amazon Technical Academy?
Amazon Technical Academy accepts applications from regular full-time (class F) or regular reduced-time (class R) Amazon employees in good performance standing who have at least 12 consecutive months of blue badge tenure by the time classes start. Applicants must have a GED or high school diploma. All applicants must have valid unrestricted work authorization throughout the entire 9-month training. More information on our eligibility requirements can be found on our Employee Portal.
Do I need to have coding experience in order to apply?
Any employee who meets our basic eligibility requirements is welcome to apply to Amazon Technical Academy, even if you’ve never written a line of code. Applicants who move forward in our process will, however, be asked to demonstrate a foundational knowledge of Java during the application process, and will be offered our free, self-service Prerequisite Course to gain this knowledge.
What roles are available for successful Amazon Technical Academy graduates?
Amazon Technical Academy equips participants with the skills needed to become an entry-level Software Development Engineer (SDE) at Amazon. Near the end of the nine months of class, ATA participants are assessed for their readiness to become a full-time entry-level SDE. Participants who excel in the assessment may join Amazon development teams as either an SDE-I or through a paid on-the-job training program with an Amazon technical team to apply the skills they’ve developed during instructor-led training.

SDEs are found throughout most organizations within Amazon. This means you could work anywhere from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alexa to the technology teams that support the World Wide Operations Network.
What is the difference between the internal and authorized training provider versions of Amazon Technical Academy?
Amazon Technical Academy is an internal upskilling program for current, regular full-time (class F) or regular reduced-time (class R) employees of any job level who meet our basic eligibility requirements, complete our admissions process, and are admitted to the program. ATA’s admissions process is selective, and admission to ATA is not guaranteed to all applicants who are eligible to apply. Employees selected for the Amazon Technical Academy program receive free tuition and are paid an hourly wage while they learn. Find out more about eligibility requirements for current Amazon employees.

Amazon Technical Academy has also partnered with authorized training providers to deliver Amazon Technical Academy’s curriculum to participants outside of Amazon. If you are an Amazon employee and are not admitted into the internal Amazon Technical Academy program, or if you do not meet the basic eligibility requirements to apply, you have the option of applying directly for the partner programs: Kenzie Academy, Bloom Institute of Technology (formerly Lambda School), and Nashville Software School.
  • Authorized training providers maintain their own eligibility requirements and admissions processes. They may accept Amazon employees who are not admitted into the internal Amazon Technical Academy program.
  • Participants pay tuition and are not compensated by Amazon for participating in the training program.
  • Partners maintain their own class delivery platforms.
What if I am not admitted to Amazon Technical Academy’s employee program? Do I have other options?
If you are not admitted to Amazon Technical Academy’s internal program, you are welcome to reapply in a future admissions cycle. Employees can also explore other Amazon upskilling programs here.

Note that ATA isn’t affiliated with other upskilling programs at Amazon and cannot provide additional information. If you have questions about other upskilling opportunities, please contact those programs directly.